GR-802 / Goreal Intercom

Goreal intercom system, including headset, belt pack and power station, is designed to fulfill the requirement for entertainment. It is a system featuring portable, compact, plug-n-play with no complicated settings. This system is ideal for the live event while the local communication is required, and making the communication clear, authentic and real-time.
The sophisticated headset with 270 degree rotatable mic provides greatest convenience for operation. Simply swing mic boom upward or downward to turn on or switch off the talking mode. Soft synthetic leather, complete embraced ear muffs, and adjustable headband makes the listening comfortable. Noise-proof and reliable.


KUPO Goreal IntercomKUPO Goreal Intercom

GR-802 / Double Muff

Goreal, the wired intercom system, is made to carter the need for live event production. The Goreal intercom headset offers premium broadcast quality audio transmission, rendering accurate and liner sound reproduction for professional applications including radio, TV studio, theatre and churches.
1. Microphone
2. Flexible Gooseneck Boom
3. Loudspeaker (Left Ear)
4. Steel Reinforced Headband Holder
5. Soft Headband
6. Headset Holder (Right)
7. Loudspeaker (Right Ear)

KUPO Goreal Intercom


Headphones Type Circumaural, closed-back
Sensitivity 90dBSPL
Frequency Response 20-20,000 Hz
Max. Input Power 100mW
Rated Impedance 400Ω
Microphone Element Dynamic
Frequency Response 150-10,000 Hz
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Rated Impedance 250Ω
Open Circuit Sensitivity -60 dBV/Pa (1.0mV/PA) ±3dB, at 1KHz
MAX. SPL 136dB SPL (THD≤1%, at 1KHz)
Distortion <3%
Connector/Cable 4Pin/1.6M

KUPO Goreal Intercom
KUPO Goreal Intercom