GR-BP01 / Goreal Intercom

Goreal intercom system, including headset, belt pack and power station, is designed to fulfill the requirement for entertainment. It is a system featuring portable, compact, plug-n-play with no complicated settings. This system is ideal for the live event while the local communication is required, and making the communication clear, authentic and real-time.
Belt Pack
Belt pack is made of sturdy aluminum alloy housing making it much durable in touring. The rear metal clip makes this unit to hang on the wall or attach to the belt easily. The illuminating CALL button makes it pretty visible in the dark backstage. MIC button is made with bright yellow for easy identification. It comes with 3pin and 4pin socket connectors for interconnection.
KUPO Goreal IntercomKUPO Goreal Intercom

GR-BP01 / Belt Pack

Goreal, the wired intercom system, is made to carter the need for live event production. This intercom system offers premium broadcast quality audio transmission, rendering accurate and liner sound reproduction for professional applications including radio, TV studio, theatre and churches. Goreal intercom beltpack is fabricated with compact yet sturdy aluminum alloy chassis.
1. “MIC” button
2. Voice (sidetone) level knob
3. Listen level knob
4. “CALL” indicator
5. Outlet for headset
6. lnlet for circuit cabling
7. Outlet for next belt pack



Power Requirement 24-30VDC
Earphone Output 200Ω
Microphone Input 200Ω dynamic
Measurement 106 x 113.5 x 52.7 mm
Weight 0.42 kgs



KUPO Goreal Intercom
KUPO Goreal Intercom