1 Ton Steel Wire Rope Sling

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Product Code Description WLL Capacity
RSR-71901 Dia. 10mm steel wire rope sling, Length 1M 1,000 kgs
RSR-71902 Dia. 10mm steel wire rope sling, Length 2M 1,000 kgs
RSR-71903 Dia. 10mm steel wire rope sling, Length 3M 1,000 kgs
RSR-71910 Dia. 10mm steel wire rope sling, Length 10M 1,000 kgs

(1) EN 13411-3 Type C cylindrical conical ferrule.
(2) EN 12385-4 Galvanized steel rope grade 1960.
(3) EN 13411-1 Thimble.
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This range of steel wire rope sling is manufactured according to EN 13414, the directive for steel wire rope slings in Europe. The single-leg steel wire rope sling are made of galvanized wire rope grade 1960 (rope class 6 x 19) to meet the permissible secondary safety component for entertainment rigging. Thimble at each end and ferrule-secured eye terminated. The inspection hole on ferrule guarantees the control of correct inserted length of wire rope before and after swaging, and comply with EN 13411 conical type C ferrule-secured termination.

- Comply with EN 13414-1, EN 12385-4, and EN 13411-1/-3.
- Galvanized wire rope resists corrosion.
- Ferrule inspection hole for convenient visual inspection.
- Low dead weight but high working load capacity.

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