16-Pin Contacts

|  Specification

- Number of Contacts: 10, 16 ( contact us for more info. of other contacts)

- Rated Voltage: 400V-600V, according to UL, CSA

- Die Electric: 3KV/ 1Min.

- Volume Resistance: 1M/ 0hm

- Temperature Range: -40~ +125 degree C

- Protection Category: KM 06-KM48, IP65 when mated

- Cross Section: 0.5-2.5mm2sq

- Terminal Screws: steel M3 nickel plated

- Protective Cover: KM06-KM24 Nylon 66. V-0; KM32-KM48 Aluminum

- Die-Casting Alloy

- Plug and Socket Insert: glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate V-0

- Contact Elements: copper alloy

- Contact Surfaces: hard-silver plated

- Earth Connector Part: brass nickel plated

- Locking Levers: steel zinc plated

- Pressing Lock-Nut: nylon 66. V-0

- Gaskets: Neoprene (resistant to oil and aging)

- Hood and Housing: aluminum die-casting alloy


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KUPO Multi-Pin Connectors, a reliable and versatile solution for various industrial applications, offer a rated voltage range of 400V-600V, meeting UL and CSA standards. The advantages of industrial connectors, such as their ruggedness, withstand frequent setup and teardown, and ability to handle high voltage, make them ideal for the demanding conditions of the entertainment industry. In the entertainment sector, the 10 and 16 contact options are widely utilized, while additional contact configurations can be accommodated upon request.

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