Beam Clamp

Product Code Description WLL Capacity Adjustable Width
RBC-1BK Beam Clamp 1,000 kgs 75 - 220 mm
RBC-2BK Beam Clamp 2,000 kgs 75 - 220 mm
RBC-3BK Beam Clamp 3,000 kgs 80 - 320 mm
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RIGPRO Beam Clamp
RigPro adjustable beam clamps provide a temporary or permanent mount to a wide range of beams, pipes and bars, where round, square rectangular in section. These units are designed to provide quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment, pulley blocks or loads. Quick and simple installation is achieved easily by hand without tools. Units accommodate hook-mounted hoist or load blocks just with minimal loss of headroom. The clamp jaws are made to diminish beam stress by applying the load inside of the flange edge.


1. Capacity: Rated loads from 1-3 ton in safety factor 4:1 for vertical lifting.
2. Adjustable threaded mechanism fits securely on a wide range of flange widths and beam sizes.
3. Built-in suspension bar offers low headroom.
4. Easy installed and adjusted by hand, no tools required.
5. Tested at 150% of rated load prior to shipment.
6. Black finish for blending into stage surrounding.
7. Heavy duty construction allows safer and secure grip in the beam.
8. Each unit is serialized, supplied with a test certificate and manual.
9. GS and CE certified.
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