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SW-E01 & SW-E01B Ø 3.2mm, 7 x 19 wire 10kg
SW-E03 & SW-E03B Ø 5mm, 7 x 19 wire 25kg
SW-E05 & SW-E05B Ø 4mm, 7 x 19 wire 15kg
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These series of safety wires are manufactured in accordance with the DIN 56927 standard. The wire rope meets the EN 12385-4 standards and has a strength of 1960 N/mm². Quick connection links used are compliant with DIN 56927, while rope termination adheres to EN13411 for thimbles (Part 1) and ferrules-securing (Part 3). Each wire comes with an aluminum tag marked by us, containing laser-engraved information such as the year of manufacturing, wire diameter, and working load limit.

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