Cloth Spike Tapes

- Backing Material: Matte-Finish Coated Cloth
- Adhesive Material: Synthetic Rubber
- Tensile Strength: 87.6N/10mm
- Heat Resistance: 80℃ degree
- Easy to tear

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Kupo delivers greatly versatile and most popular Gaffa Tape for holding and sealing needs in professional stage, photography, motion picture and television industries. With compound materials of natural rubber and synthetic resin, it has excellent tack and adhesion performance in wider temperature condition. Kupo Gaffa Tape has the highest tensile strength of any others, but also features easy-to-tear.

Highly visible fluorescent colors with matte finish for various applications including audio/visual, television, photography, theatrical and motion picture industries. It sets clearly visible marks for actors, crew, musicians, and camera operators. It is also feasible for use in colorcoding, labeling and marking. Easily manual tearing and durable. This multi-purpose tape offers excellent holding power, high tensile strength, and will be fluoresce-reactive under a black light.

- Professional grade gaffer's tape
- High tensile strength and holding power
- Easy-to-tear by hand, and Writable surface
- Clean removal, without leaving residue

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