Conventional Profile Spot

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FS-500 / Fresnel Spotlight / 650W

- Fresnel spotlight 500 / 650W
- lampholder GY9.5
- Lamp: T18/500W ; T26/650W
- Black (take-out lampbase spacer for 650W).

FS-1000 / Fresnel Spotlight / 1000 /1200W

- Fresnel spotlight 1000 / 1200W
- lampholder GX9.5
- Lamp: T19/1000W; T29/1200W
- Black (take-out lampbase spacer for 1200W).


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These two luminaires are most often used in the theatre for top or back lighting at medium throw distance. Kupo Fresnel and Prism Convex are well-known for its classic design and built with aluminum alloy, making the lighting lightweight and sturdy for theatre.

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