CX5219GTG / CROXS 5219 Gear-To-Go Case

● Exterior Size / L x W x H (cm): 57.0 x 35.5 x 22.5

● Interior Size / L x W x H (cm): 52.1 x 29.1 x 19.2

● Net Weight (kgs): 5.4

● Air Pressure Regulator: Auto

● Carry-on to fly: ◎

● Haulage Handle: ◎

● Wheel: ◎

● Protective Foam: 3 pre-cut + 1 egg-crate

● Protection classification: ASTM / IP67

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Configuration is same as Croxs 5219 Studio-To-Go Case but with egg-crate foam on the lid instead, providing superior protection to all equipment carried in the case. Padded divider set enables you to organize the space to well fit the equipment you're going to put.


Croxs combo cases, including Ready-To-Go case, Studio-To-Go case and Gear-To-Go case, comprehensively offers the greatest protection for your gear on the go. Water-proof and impact-resistance hard case with diverse compartment organizers makes the room for laptop, video & camera devices and the accessories. No matter where you are bound for, there is a Croxs case for your need.

Croxs is the hard case with several superior designs. This video shows you the comprehensive features of most popular CX5219 case.

The coolest from Kupo. Croxs is a hard case series for boundless exploration, designed and manufactured for giving greatest protection to equipment over transportation or rigorous weather condition.

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