BGV D8 Plus 750kg

|  Specification

- Load capacity 750kgs (1 fall) with safety factor 8: 1

- Spring-applied double DC brake enhances the safety

- Overload friction clutch is located outside the load path

- Load capacity: 750kgs
- Type: RD-750P (direct control)
     RD-750LV (24V low voltage control)
- Motor: 0.75KW x 4P
- Motor isolation class: F
- Lifting speed: 4M/min (50Hz), 4.8M/min (60Hz)
- Load wheel: 5-pocket
- Load chain: Grade 80, 7.1 x 20.2mm
- Duty cycle: 2m FEM class, ED 40% or 240 times on / off per hour
- Operation voltage: AC 400V / 50Hz
- Friction clutch: outside the load path
- Chain hoist weight: 50kgs (without chain)
- Chain weight: 1.1kgs per meter
- With Micro Switch Positioning(MSP)

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Those comply with specifification of D8+, meeting IGVW SQP2 Code of Practice for entertainment rigging. It is designed for any climbing and upright applications.

‧5-pocket liftwheel makes lifting smoother and less vibration
‧Epoxy black powder coated for less visibility and corrosion resistance; with rubber gasket and mechanical design.
‧Forward-curve enhanced Nylon chain guide is robust and keeps chains running smoothly in the central.
‧Two fordable handles provide an easy manner for transportation of the hoist.
‧Housing is fabricated of gravity die-cast aluminum; light weight yet robust and durable.
‧Gears are made of alloy steel with heat treatment for steady operation and less wearing. Fine grounding on gears makes engagement precisely with less operation noise.
‧Upper and lower hook are made of drop-forged high tensile carbon steel, allowing 360 degree freely swiveling.
‧Over-Heat Protection: With built-in heat detector, when motor’s inside working temperature reaches 140(±5) Celsius degree, the protection mechanism will trigger, and not allow lifting the load (DC version). Instead, it permits coming down to release the load (LVC version).
‧Micro Switch Positioning (MSP) helps to set the up and down limit on travelling position without too much effort on direct control chain hoist (applied for both RD-750P & RD-750LV model).

Capacity (kg) Model Speed(m/mim) 50Hz/60Hz Fall No. Load Chain (Dia x Picth) (mm) Motor(kw x pole) Weight of hoist (kg)
750 kg RD-750P 4.0 / 4.8 1 Ø 7.1 x 20.2 0.75 x 4 50
750 kg RD-750LV 4.0 / 4.8 1 Ø 7.1 x 20.2 0.75 x 4 50

Introducing RD-750 and RD-750P, all-new Rigpro chain hoist complying with German BGV D8+ (IGVW SPQ2) standard. Load capacity 750kgs. Euipped with double DC brake and designed  based on 10:1 mechanical safety factor. Clutch is located outside the load patch and acts as overload protection device. Robust aluminum die-cast housing and IP54 enclosure. Optional Micro Switch Positioning (MSP) provides the DC (direct voltage control) chain hoist an easy, tool-free and precise approach to set up the hoist traveling limit. Experience more and check out at, or e-mail us by writing to

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