DFS-B / Dichroic Sample Book

‧68 standard dichroic colors.
‧6 kinds of colors coorection filters.
‧7 reflective color filters.
‧4 kinds of patterned glass.
‧Color Comparison List with Kupo, Rosco and Lee colors.
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Dichroic filters are optically coated with dielectric thin films vacuum-deposited onto glass substrate. They transmit light of certain color and reflect the complementary color. Kupo assures the quality filters and the absolute spectral stability that expresses consistent shades and perfect images. No matter applied indoors or outdoors, Kupo dichroic filters are excellently resistant to environmental degradation. We have a comprehensive selection of colors that provides the flexibility for you to choose the suitable ones for your projects.

Color Tolerance
‧Within + /-3 nm of designed central wavelength(T50).

‧ True-to-life colors.
‧High transmission of desired light.
‧Excellent heat resistance.
‧Low maintenance & cost-saving.

Avaliable substrates
‧Sodalime Glass: Heat resistance up to 150˳ (Thickness: 1.1, 2.0, 2.9mm)
‧Borosilicate Glass (D263T): Heat resistance up to 450˳ (Thickness: 0.21, 0.3, 0.55mm)
‧Borofloat Glass: Heat resistance up to 450˳ (Thickness: 1.1, 2.0, 3.3, 3.8mm)

Technical Specification
‧Humidity. Adhesion. Abrasion.
‧Resistance. MIL-M-13508C.

‧Architectural lighting.
‧Entertainment and stage lighting.
‧Precise use for electronics and industrial applications.

Available Size
‧Square: 7 - 300 mm
‧Round:10 - 425 mm

To achieve a better effect, it is suggested to install the coated side of filter toward the light source. The filter should be set at the angle of 90 degrees to the light path to avoid undesirable color shift. Moreover, for the best color performance, the filters are not recommended to be placed at an extreme angle greater than 40 degrees in the lighting fixtures.

We offer diverse dichroic filters including
(1) Hot Mirror for Heat Reflection: high infrared energy reflection; block near UV energy for excellent visible transmission; ideal for museum and architecture professions.
(2) Cold Mirror for Heat Transmission: high infrared transmission; high visible light reflection; ideal for surveillance camera and medical illumination.
(3) UV Block Filter: high UV energy reflection and high visible light transmission; ideal for art gallery, museum or where the precious objects should be shielded from light damage.
(4) UV Transmission Filter: UV energy transmission and visible light reflection; perfect for fluorescent effect and tanning facility.

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