EZ241 / Small EZ-TIE

- Material: Superior Nylon
- Size : 2 x 41cm
- Heat resistance :- 20℃- 80℃
- Package : Set of 10
- Washable, UV Resistant to Prevent discoloration
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Ideal for sound, lighting and audio/video equipment. EZ-Tie is made by Swiss-made looms and strictly quality control to assure consistent quality with superior performance. Hook is made from A grade Nylon and has high peel and shear values with extended cycle life with average 55 hooks per sq inch. It is forming with high temperature to keep a better elasticity and durability. The Un-Napped loop brings a very high cycle life with average 42 woofs per sq inch. EZ-TIE has been tested under +93 degree C and -56.7 degree C for lasting 1000 hrs matting without failed. The working temperature from 80 degree C to -20 degree C. High cycle life with over 10,000 closures. Washable, UV resistant to prevent discoloration.

- Help to organize cable set neatly with diverse colors.
- Write-on identification label for great cable organization.
- Sturdy Nylon buckle offers greater holding power against movement, and makes extension easily for longer use.
- Perfect for use as tie down for attaching equipment on the desk or table.
- Convenient with wrapping up lighting stand legs to keep them well fastened for transportation.
- Ideal for use as temporary hanger during installation.


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