Fiberglass Ladder

Item Description Height Close Height Steps Style Top Feature Weight Load Capacity
KFL-B4 4' Fliberglass Ladder 110cm 120cm 3 Single-sided Tool Tray 6.4 kg 135 kg
KFL-T4 Double-sided 7.3 kg
KFL-B6 6' Fliberglass Ladder 170cm 180cm 5 Single-sided 8.9 kg
KFL-T6 Double-sided 11.5 kg
KFL-B8 8' Fliberglass Ladder 230cm 240cm 7 Single-sided 12.0 kg
KFL-T8 Double-sided 15.5 kg
KFL-B10 10' Fliberglass Ladder 290cm 300cm 9 Single-sided 14.9 kg
KFL-T10 Double-sided 19.3 kg
KFL-B12 12' Fliberglass Ladder 350cm 360cm 11 Single-sided 18.3 kg
KFL-T12 Double-sided 25.5 kg
KFL-D20 20' Fliberglass Extension Ladder 1130cm 625cm 40 Extension N/A 34.5 kg
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Fiberglass step ladder features non-conductive channel for working safety. Resistant to electricity, and will not dent and rust. Fiberglass step ladder is ideal for professional use. Load capacity 135kg (300lbs) and meet ANSI 14.5 (2007) and EN131 standard.

* Attention: Please read the information of warning labels posted on the ladder for making the use of ladder properly.

- Red color for the greatest visibility and caution.
- Fiberglass channel is non-conductive for working around electricity.
- U-shape channel made of multi-layer fiberglass for maximum strength.
- Wide step for comfortable standing or climbing.
- Every rivet well backed up to protect channel.
- Back-up aluminum plates reinforce all top connectors.

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