Glove & Tool

- Material: Nylon Strap+ Alligator Spring Clip
- Length : 25 CM
- Width : 25 MM
- Weight: 43g (1.51oz)
- Instant Strap Button
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Made of heavy duty 25cm wide nylon strap with a powerful alligator spring clip, the Kupo Glove Gripper is designed for secure your gloves, hats & tools and keep them handy at all times. Features an instant strap button allow to easily attaches to your belt loop, mic loop, d-ring, tool belt or anything else you can find.

- Made of Heavy Duty 25cm Wide Nylon Strap with a Powerful all igator Spring Clip
- Designed for Secure Your Gloves, Hats & Tools.
- instant Strap Button to Easily Attaches to Your Belt Loop, Mic Loop, D- Ring, Tool Belt

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