KC-100 / Casters For Stand

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- Weight: 2.34 kg ( 5.15lbs)
- Caster Dia. 100mm
- With Brakes
- With M10 Attachment ( 17.5mm Length)
- Set of 3
- Compatible stands :470/473B/481/482T/483T/483BT/483SH

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Casters make light stands movable, and when added to the stand, they protect your floors and keep things quiet on set. They also make repositioning lighting fixtures easier. This set includes three 100mm diameter casters with M10 attachments (17.5mm length), allowing easy mounting on the stand. The casters are equipped with brakes to prevent the wheels from rolling, keeping your stand securely locked in place.
Compatible stands: 470/473B/481/482T/483T/483BT/483SH


- Casters make light stands movable, providing mobility on set.
- Protect floors and reduce noise.
- Easy repositioning of lighting fixtures.
- Set includes three 100mm diameter casters
- With M10 attachments (17.5mm length) for easy mounting.
- Equipped with brakes to prevent rolling and securely lock the stand in place.
- Compatible stands :470/473B/481/482T/483T/483BT/483SH


Caster makes your light stand movable while doing work in the studio. It will protect the floors, keep things quiet on set and of course, make repositioning the lighting fixtures that much easier. All Kupo casters are sold in sets of three and come with equipped brakes that prevent the wheel from rolling and keeps your stand locked in place. This caster set ( KC-100) fits select Kupo stands such as 470, 481, 482T,483T, 483BT, 483SH.
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