Brand: Brewster
Product: Compressed Gas Air Duster
Net: 12oz/ 340g/376ml
Size: 225X65mm
Environmental Data:
-Ozone Depletion: 0%
-Flammability: 0%
-HCFC: 0%
-CFC: 0%
-VOC: 0%
Brewster Compressed Gas Air Duster
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The Brewster Compressed Gas Air duster is designed to deliver a powerful burst of clean, nontoxic gas, swiftly eliminating dust, lint, and other unwanted contaminants from a wide range of surfaces. From computers and CRTs to disks, tape drives, diskettes, and media storage files, our product tackles it all, especially in situations where traditional cleaning methods fall short. The Brewster Air duster is a reliable and efficient choice for keeping your equipment and workspaces pristine. The non-flammable and entirely safe for regular use, also making it the ideal companion for maintaining your lenses, cameras, and sensitive electronics in peak condition. Trust in the Brewster Air Duster to ensure optimal performance and impeccable results every time.

- Remove the safety valve from the top before use.
- Attach the provided extension tube and insert it into the nozzle.
- Hold the can approximately 3 cm away from the object.
- Press the nozzle for 2-3 seconds each time.
- Do not shake the can during use.
- Keep the can upright and avoid tilting it at an angle greater than 15 degrees.

- Store in a cool place below 50°C.
- Keep it out of the reach of children.
- Ensure good ventilation.
- Keep away from open flames.

During continuous use, the can may become cold; wait for a moment before using it again.
Even when the contents are empty, piercing the can is prohibited.

Please be aware that compressed gas air duster is restricted on planes and can only be shipped via sea

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