KCP-401 / Rubberized T12 Flo Lamp Clip

- Material: Spring Steel With Rubberized Finish
- Weight: 158g (5.6oz)
- Set of 24 pcs
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Constructed from sturdy spring steel, these clips are primary designed to easy hold t12 lamps or kino flo lamps. A mounting hole is drilled on the center of clip which allow to keep the clips stay firmly from the wall, ceiling or where you want to put them. Features the rubberized finish to protect the lamps and tube without a scratch. (set of 24 pcs)

- Constructed from Sturdy Spring Steel
- Designed to Easy Hold T12 Lamps or Kino Flo Lamps.
- A Mounting Hole is Drilled on The Center of Clip
- The Rubberized Finish to Protect The Lamps and Tube with out a Scratch.
- Set of 24

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