KCP-818 / Adjustable Baby Side Arm

- Material: Aluminum Alloy Castings and Alloy Steel
- Suitable Tube: 25~50mm
- Offset Length: 380mm
- Quick action locking device
- Attachment: Twin Baby (16mm) Pin
- Weight: 2.10kg
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Designed for offsetting lighting fixture or accessories with a twin baby (16 mm) pins from a stand. Features an adjustable quick release coupler makes mount on the tube size from 25 ~50 mm and position anywhere along the 15" ( 380 mm) length quick and easy.

- Quick release clamp allows quick and secure suspension of a lighting fixture overhead for an unobstructed floor area.
- Patented PUSH & LOCK locking system allow to ready your lighting fixture effectively.
- Wide range of rigging on a pipe with diameters from 25mm to 55mm.
- Clamp is constructed of gravity die-cast aluminum for greatest duriablity.
- Attach wiith twin baby (16mm) pins firmly weld on high tensile strength alloy steel can be positioned anywhere along the 380mm length quickly and easily.
- Backward safety pin device provide double security in case of accident losing of offset arm.

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