KP-HCH / Honeycomb Holder

Change the shape and intensity of the light output from light source.
Dazzle Prevention.
Material: Aluminum Foil.
Color: Black or Silver.

Available Size
Square: 35 mm - 300 mm
Round: 35 mm - 300 mm
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A honeycomb is an essential accessory for any lighing system used to minimize or eliminate glare from normal viewing angle. It is made up of the aluminum foil with a hexagon shape. It can be a shield to prevent the dazzle of illuminator. Honeycomb comes with different degrees to give creative effect. The honeycomb grid should be used in conjunction with a lens as it provides no protection for the lamp. Usually it decrease the center beam brightness by about 20%. Application is typical in up lighting, down lighting, illuminating art or any application where spill light would be objectionable.

This elastic device is made of stainless steel with heat treatment, rendering honeycomb a flexible fit to any brands of MR16 bulb. With four bended teeth on the rim, it could hold the honeycomb firmly in the position to prevent falling off while attaching to the blub. It is also feasible to accommodate a glass or dichroic to fit in as well. Black coating finish.

Quality Approval
1. RoHs certification.
2. The consistency of painting coating.
3. No painting fading under UV illumination.
4. With 250 degree C heat-resistance.

Aperture sizes are available w/ the following dimensions 

Cell Size Cell Depth Open Area
1/8” (3 mm) 3 mm - 5 mm 6 mm - 95 %
3/16” (4.5 mm) 5 mm 6 mm 9 mm 10 mm - 95 %
1/4” (6 mm) 6 mm - 10 mm 12.7 mm 20 mm 95 %
Cut Off 45 degree 52 degree 60 degree 65 degree 72 degree -



KUPO Honeycomb
Honeycomb Grid
KUPO Honeycomb
Lamp w/ Honeycomb Grid
KUPO Honeycomb
Lamp Without Honeycomb Grid


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