KS-066 / Baby Triple Header

- Material: Chrome Plated Steel
- Length: 810mm
- Weight: 1.5kg (3.3Ibs)
- Dimension: 16mm Stud *5 & A O.D. 28mm Receiver (16mm Receiver ID)
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The Kupo Baby Triple Header, meticulously constructed from solid chrome-plated steel, enabling you to mount multiple light fixtures or accessories effortlessly onto a single light stand. Equipped with five 5/8" (16mm) baby studs featuring embossed necks, securely welded onto robust steel and strategically offset for mounting up to five lights. This header empowers you to assemble an array of lights, gobos, and other gear onto a single stand with ease. The inclusion of baby pin holes ensures added safety and stability during use. Moreover, the header can be mounted on top of a 16mm baby stud or fit into a 28mm junior receiver, offering unparalleled compatibility. Additionally, an extra 5/16"-18 threaded nub on the side of the bar serves as a convenient solution for holding the knob when using it on a junior stand. Elevate your lighting setup with the Kupo Baby Triple Header, a reliable and versatile tool for achieving outstanding results on your projects.

- Solid chrome-plated steel construction
- Mount multiple light fixtures or accessories on a single light stand
- Features five 5/8" (16mm) baby studs with embossed necks
- Baby pin holes ensures added safety during use
- Securely welded and offset for mounting five lights
- Compatible with baby stud (16mm) or junior receiver (28mm)
- Additional 5/16"-18 threaded nub for knob placement on a junior stand.

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