KS-702 / Mini Quick-Release Adapter

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- Material: Yellow Brass Nickel Plated
- Weight: 30 g (1oz)
- Safety Cable Cable Dia. : 2mm x 10cm

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Made of nickel-plated brass, the quick release ball locking adapter comes with a stainless chain wire on one side and a spring clip on the other. It provides a great carrying solution for your gloves, spanners, straps and any tools which can be hold through a dia. 2mm wire and 10cm in length. The quick release ball locking adapter allows you to take off and lock your tools just in a snap.

- Made of Nickel- Plated Brass, The Quick Release Ball Locking Adapter comes with a Stainless Chain Wireonone Sideand a Spring Clipon The Other
- Provides a Great Carrying Solution for Your Gloves, Spanners, Strapsand any Tools Which Can be Hold Through a Dia. 2mm Wireand 10cm in Length
- The Quick Release Ball Locking Adapter Allows You to Take off and Lock Your Tools Just in a Snap

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