KSD-1680XL / Empty Sand Bag

- Material: 1000D Cordura Nylon
- Weight: 460 g (16.23oz)
- Working Loading Weight: 22.7 kg (50lbs)
- Size : 36 x 34 x 12 cm (14.2"x14"x4.8")
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Stand bags are an indispensible safety measure on any set to ensure that stands don't tip over or damage expensive equipment and cause injury, resulting in expensive downtime. Kupo stand bags feature a saddlebag design that is ideally suited to drape over stand legs and boom arms. It ships empty so that you can fill it withyour choice of material translating to much lower shipping costs. Made of sturdy 1000D cordura nylon for long life and a thick plastic internal liner bag help keep dust in and water out. It also comes withdouble velcro design v so no stand will leak out of the bags. The handle is sewn into the pocket edges, creating a wing motion when the bag is lifted which allows you to easily release the bag from your stands and booms. The loading weight is on the blue label for easy identification. This is an extra large bag withbutterfly lift handle s. Dimension: 14.2" (36cm) x 14"(34cm) x 2.4" (6cm). Max load: 50lbs (22kg).

-Easy to drape over stand legs and boom arms.
-Shipped empty to save on shipping costs.
-Made of durable material and have a double Velcro design to keep stands secure.
-The bags have handles that make it easy to lift them off stands and booms.
-The maximum load weight is indicated on a blue label.
-With butterfly-style handles. Dimensions: 14.2" x 14" x 2.4".
-Maximum load: 50 lbs (22kg).

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