KT-057 / Strut Channel Adapter

- Weight: 0.70kg (1.54Ibs)
- Loading Weight: 200kg (440Ibs)
- Material: Zinc Plated Steel + Aluminum
- With 2" Aluminum Coupler
- For 48-51mm Tube

How to fasten the strut channel adapter:
1. Insert the adapter into the strut channel and rotate 90 degree.
2. Spin the large hex nut to lock into the channel.
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Strut channel adapters are used for hanging fixures or pipes to the strut channel. Each strut channel adapter is welded with a grooved top piece that can easily access the track and hold the channel tightly. With the strut channel adapter you will find it easy and faster than ever to position the lighting fixture on the strut channel. Suitable for standard 1-5/8" (width) strut channels. Strong and durable. Wll rated 220kgs (440lbs).

- Comes with half Coupler for 2" (50mm) Tube
- Perfect for Hanging Pipe to Strut Channel
- Made by Galvanized Steel & Aluminum Extrusion Coupler
- Weight: 1.54lbs (0.7kg)
- Loading: 440lbs (220kg)

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