KWP-800 / Luminaire Waterproof Dome

|  Specification

Overall Height: 770mm

Globe Diameter: 560mm

Net Weight: 17kg

Suitable for 280W~380W beam light, or the lights with similar dimensions.

Please leave the distance at least 80mm between the top of moving head and globe.


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The luminaire waterproof dome is designed to render protection to lighting fixture for outdoor application. It has a transparent globe that keep the luminaire away from moisture and humidity yet make a great amount of light passing through, eliminating light output loss. Steel base coated with anti-rust treatment together with stainless steel hardware makes this dome the maximum durability. Base is grey finish, other color upon request.

1. Soft-yet-hard globe always stays in shape, free from deformation in strong windy condition.
2. Vent tubes at two side can be formed in any direction to prevent water ingress.
3. Dome can be placed upright, fastened in horizontal side mounting, or rigged at upside down position.
4. Five selections of dome are available for the moving light with all kinds of dimensions; feasible for rain proof or any outdoor applications.

General Technical Information
1. Working Voltage: AC/100-240V
2. Working Environment: -20 ~ 45 Celsius degree
3. Protection Degree: IP54
4. Globe Material: Made by premium grade transparent engineering plastic with high light transmittance, anti-ultraviolet radiation; free from getting yellow, and not easily break up.
5. Light Transmittance: over 89%, similar to normal glass
6. Base Material: Cold roll steel with thick anti-rust coating, and stainless steel hardware.
7. Control: DMX-512
8. Signal and power connections: two waterproof 3-pin XRL, and two waterproof power cable.
9. In-globe power & signal outlet (for connecting moving light): universal AC socket, 3-pin XLR socket (please specify on the order if other kind of outlet is requested).



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