Lightweight Telescopic Hanger With Stirrup Head

- Material: Steel

- Iron Casting Clamp Fits Tube 35mm( 1-1/2") -65mm(2-1/2")

- Columns: Dia. 20mm, 25mm

- With Safety Cable and Stud

- Stand Top: Stirrup Head (Dia.40mm)

  KLHS-0103 KLHS-0204 KLHS-0306
Minimum Working Length 53.3cm (1.5 feet) 68.8cm (2 feet) 91.4cm (3 feet)
Maximum Working Length 91.4cm (3 feet) 121.9cm (4 feet) 182.8cm (6 feet)
Weight 3kg (7.62lbs) 3.6kg (7.92lbs) 4kg (8.8lbs)
Loading Weight 15kg (33lbs)
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Kupo's lightweight telescopic hangers are made of solid steel with a matte black powder-coated finish, designed for mounting lightweight fluorescents, LED lights, or any lighting fixtures weighing less than 33 lbs (15 kg). The features include a safety wire equipped on the column for the iron casting clamp for added security, and a quick-release ball safety pin that prevents the riser from slipping. The iron casting clamp is suitable for a pipe from 1-1/2" (35mm) to 2-1/2" (65mm) O.D., and the collar on the top of the telescopic hanger keeps it safe for pan adjustment while the clamp knob is loosened. The stirrup head on the end of the telescopic hanger comes with clamps that can be mounted directly on the hanger.

-Kupo telescopic hangers are made of strong steel with a black finish.
-Designed for lights under 33lbs (15kg), like fluorescents or LEDs.
-Safety wire prevents the clamp from unexpectedly dropping.
-Quick-release pin stops the riser from slipping.
-Clamp fits pipes from 1-1/2" (35mm) to 2-1/2" (65mm) O.D.
-Collar ensures safe pan adjustment when the clamp is loosened.
-Stirrup head on the end allows direct mounting of clamps.

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