ID Cable Tester, Female

Kupo 19-pin cable tester is a handy gadget for quick cable checking. It is made of classic PLS connector so t can be used to check any 19-pin extension cable built up with major brands of Soca connectors. Plug it up with cable set and it will check out the circuit status immediately. There builds up a rotary switch with 6 LEDs in female connector to indicate the status of each channel; select by channel to identify the wiring status on each channel. Red LED will light up if there is any wrong wiring.

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KUPO 19-Pin Cable Tester
Portable and for testing cable set.
KUPO 19-Pin Cable Tester
Brighter LED yet less battery energy consumption.
KUPO 19-Pin Cable Tester
Buzzer will be triggered whilst there is any short circuit in between grounding and live circuit.
KUPO 19-Pin Cable Tester
All electronic components are mounted on the PCBs and properly wired inbetween
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