RR-11B / Braided Rope

Dia. 7/16" (11mm), 200M Per roll.

Figure Eight Knot (Flemish Knot) is a quick and convenient stopper knot which can be undone fairly easily, and does not harm your rope as much as the overhand knot does.

How to make the Figure Eight Knot ?
1. Make a bight in a rope.
2. Loop the other side through the bight.
3. Loop the loop x 2.
4. Pull.

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RIGPRO Double Braided Rope
RigPro rigging rope is constructed with a braided nylon core and polyester cover. The combination of the 2 materials in a rope has better performance on strength, controlled stretch and abrasion resistant. The inner rope and outer rope are generally designed to share the load fairly evenly. The inner rope is a braided core of energy absorbing nylon. The core is fully heat treated to enhance the rope’s flexibility and prevent hardening in service. The 32 plait cover is soft yet durable and with the appearance of cotton but will not rot or degrade. Black cover is added prior to yarn production which makes color lasting longer and enhanced wear resistance.

※ 12-Channel Remote Controller-Remote controller is optional.

NORE: The ropes have no energy absorption and must never be used to hold a falling person or load.

Features and Benefits

1. Polyester / Nylon construction- (Polyester cover/ Nylon core) provide a greater range of chemical resistance. than the traditional Nylon / Nylon construction.

2. Strength- Exceptional tensile strength. For 7/16” (11mm) minimum breaking strength 3,000 kgs.

3. Braided Core- The core bends more easily with less fatiguing. This makes for better knot ability, better control through mechanical ascent / descent devices. Also, in the event of a cover failure, the rope core will remain intact, allowing the user to ascend/ descend over the core to get back to a stable portion of the rope.

4. Water Resistant- Having a polyester cover sheds water far more readily than a traditional nylon/ nylon construction. Also, the drying time of the rope is dramatically reduced due to the polyester being non hydroscopic. An additional benefit is that there is no discernible strength reduction to the rope when wet. With full nylon/ nylon ropes up to 20% strength reduction can be expected when the rope is wet.

5. Longevity- The outer polyester cover providing a good characteristic for U.V. resistance. Due to its unique construction the rope will not work harden during standard use and will retain a consistent diameter throughout its life ensuring longer service than others.

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