RS-RR3807 / Rope Ratchet Tie Down

-Hook material: Iron
-Rope material: Polyester fiber
-Rope diameter: 9.5mm (3/8")
-Rope length: 7m (23')
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The KUPO ratchet safety rope is designed to secure your stands and prevent it from shaking in strong winds. Its ratchet structure ensures that the rope stays taut and prevents it from becoming loose. The hook is made of durable iron and the rope is constructed from strong and reliable polyester fiber. Simply hook the safety rope onto the safety buckle inside the stand top for added security.

-Hook onto the safety buckle inside the tripod head to prevent shaking in strong winds.
-Equipped with a ratchet structure to prevent the rope from becoming loose.
-The hook is made of iron and the rope is made of polyester fiber, ensuring strength and reliability.

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