RS-RS2525 / Ratchet Strap

- Webbing Material: Abrasion Resistant Polyester
- Ratchet Material: Metal
- Strap size: 25mm x 2.5M
- Strap color: black
- Load capacity: 1000kgs (not for lifting) - Safety factor 2:1
- Compliance: BS EN 12195-2
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RIGPRO Ratchet Strap Ratchet Strap, also known as tie-down strap or ratchet lashing, is used to fasten equipment or cargo during transporting. Ratchet strap webbing is outfitted with tie-down hardware allowing strap to loop over the protected equipment or cargo and tighten up.

Features & Advantage
- Gradual release ratchet gives a quick tension of strap.
- Positive locking latch for secure the tension.
- Spring-loaded quick release function for easy strap removal.
- Black webbing color for entertainment standard.

To Tie-Down:
Step-1: Pull latch toward handle to disengage the lock; insert slack webbing through buckle.
Step-2: Pull latch to engage the tensioning area; release latch and rotate handle back and forth till strap is as tight as necessary.
Step-3: Pull latch and close handle to fully engage lock.

To Release:
Step-1: Pull latch to release the lock; move handle back and forth one notch at a time to release tension gradually.
Step-2: When tension is released, pull latch and fully open buckle to allow webbing to unroll freely.

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