Single Phase BLDC Chain Hoist

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Bringing together technology and convenience seamlessly, we proudly present the next generation of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Electric Hoist. This hoist offers revolutionary energy-saving performance, superior durability, and versatile functionality, enhancing your workspace significantly.Whether in heavy or light sectors, this hoist ensures exceptional performance and reliability, ushering your work environment into the future with groundbreaking technology.

Plug-and-play single-phase connectivity
No need for complex installation procedures. This hoist can be directly connected to standard electrical outlets, providing immediate support for your operations and saving valuable time. Wide range voltage input of AC/90-270V (50/60Hz) for household electricity.

Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
With insulation class F, the hoist utilizes cutting-edge energy-saving technology not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers your operational costs, all while being environ-mentally conscious.Low starting current compared to ordinary motor, energy-efficient and eco-friendly.Longer lifespan to reduce maintenance cost.Duty cycle rated at 30% ED (FEM/1Am, ISO/M4) classification.

Rugged and durable, adaptability across work environments
Crafted from premium die-cast aluminum housing with IP 55 rated, this hoist is built to withstand extended periods of use, effortlessly handling challenges across factories, warehouses, and construction sites. Standard lift of 3 meters and custom lift is available up to 20 meters (pendant control version)

Variable speed functionality
Equipped with innovative VFD (variable-frequency drive) driver for intelligent dual speed and infinitely variable low motion control through adjustable pendant button, you have the freedom to adjust operational speed according to diverse job requirements, achieving heightened operational flexibility.

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