WPS 19-Pin Connector Series / Solder Type

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- Machined alloy aluminum with heavy ribbed locking ring provides easy manual operation; mono-piece body for IP67 watertight while assembled with cable gland.

- Inline locking thread are Teflon-coated to make coupling and uncoupling smoother.

- Back shell with hard anodized finish avoids surface scratch.

- Compatible with Kupo PLS and WPC, Socapex 419, and Veam VSC series.

- Hard gold-plated contact in solder and crimp type; extended female ground contact allows “mate first, break last” safety operation.

- FPG-42 (CG-35 cable gland + rubber sleeve) provides waterproof seal at the cable entry point; rubber sleeve is available in three different sizes.

- UL / cUL listed.

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