150W LED Cyclorama

|  Specification

- Voltage: AC/100-240V, 50/60Hz
- Power Consumption: Max. 150W
- Light Source:
  48 x 3W RGBA LEDs
  48 x 3W Warm White LEDs (3200K)
  24 x 3W Warm White (3200K) + 24 x Cool White(6000K) LEDs
  48 x 3W 365nm UV LEDs
- Signal Connector: 3pin and 5pin XLR
- Working Mode:
  DMX-512, Max 16 channels
  Stand-alone built-in program
  Strobe effect
  Dimmer 0-100%, fade effect
  Master-Slave mode
- Protection Classification: IP20
- Dimension: 406 x 166 x 343mm
- Weight: 5.7kgs


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1. Full DMX-512 controllable.
2. Universal Power Input: AC/100-240V, 50/60Hz.
3. Both power and signal feed through for daisy chain.
4. Asymmetric aluminum reflector.
5. Yoke lock washer and solid large bracket for positive lock; eye ring for safety bonding.
6. Available with RGBA, 3200K Warm White, Tunable White (3200K-6000K) and UV LED.
7. Rubber footpad protects the housing from scratch in upright position.
8. Functions (for RGBA mode): Color mixing, automatic color change, built-in program and strobe effect with adjustable speed, dimmer, master / slave.

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