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Dr. Soca is a bi-function tester, diagnosing wiring on 19pin Soca or Multipole (Letriflex/Harting) extension cable as well as load / lamp status on lighting bar. The LCD reads real-time testing result by pin-to-pin scanning. Any missing or error on each pin, including swap, short or open, will display on LCD screen clearly. Instruction is also laser engraved on main chassis for better understanding.
Press “RUN” button to navigate and command the tester. Simple and easy. Auto sense to switch the mode. Powered by 4 x 1.5V AAA battery or external DC7-24V adaptor. Automatically switching off while idle over 100 seconds to save energy. Equipped with unthreaded 19pin connectors or uncovered Multipole for easily access with extension cable. Dr. Soca is built up with sturdy aluminum alloy chassis featuring light weight and compact. Dr. Soca can also be bolted to a work bench, helping up with cable testing while working on cable assembly.

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