2" Slim Type Swivel Half Couplers

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- Material: High Tensile Strength 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
- Load Capacity: 300kg (660lbs)
- Suitable Tube: 48- 51mm (1.89"-2.0")
- 360 degrees swivel
- Weight: 0.7kg (1.54lbs)

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The Slim Swivel Coupler is a lightweight and low profile professional coupler, constructed from high tensile aluminum extrusion. It has been developed for installations where load capacities of up to 600 lbs (300kg) are required. The KUPO professional couplers combine strength and durability with a high degree of safety. The Slim Swivel Coupler is designed to fit tubes with diameters between 48mm-51mm (1.89"~2.0"). For quick and easy interconnection for truss, pipes or bars. Allows for a full 360 degrees of movement. A drift pin is also supplied for fixing in a 90 degree configuration.

- TUV approval with WLL 300kg (660lbs)
- Constructed by 6061-T6 High Tensile aluminium.
- Vibrating finishing / Black anodizing treatment offering highly adhension of surface after repeatability usage.
- Broken teeth design on the end of the eyebolt prevent the butterfly knob from falling off.
- Narror design allow to use between truss webs.


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