2.5" Slim Type Handcuff Coupler

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- Weight: 0.42kg (0.93lbs)
- Load Capacity: 100kg (220lbs)
- 6061-T6 High Tensile Strength Aluminum Alloy
- Tube Suitable: 48-60mm (1.89"~2.36")
- Wing Nut
- With M10 Bolt & Nut

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KUPO slim mighty handcuff coupler (KCP-880) is constructed from high tensile 6061 T6 aluminum extrusion. It is one of the most popular rigging hardware in the industry. Thanks to triggering mechanical design, this clamp is made to help the person rig heavy luminaries with less effort and saving much working time. For tube 48-60mm (1.89"~2.36"). Load capacity 100kg (220lbs). Comes with M10 bolt and nut.

- 6061 T6 High Tensile Strength Aluminum Alloy.
- Suitable for tube diameter 48~60mm (1.89"~2.36").
- Load Capacity 100kg (220lbs).
- A captive on top of thread bolt to avoid wing nut falling off the clamp
- Triggering design helps to rig luminaire with less effort and save much working time.
- Double level counter-sunk for accommodating M10 & M12 hex bolt.
- With M10 bolt & nut.

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