3 Sct Wind-Up Stand With Auto Self-Locking Device

- 2 Risers, 3 Sections

- Column Diameter: 55mm, 45mm, 38mm

- Loading Weight: 30kg (66.1lbs)

- Weight: 22.8kg (50.2lbs)

- Closed Length: 181cm (71.3")

- Minimum Operating Height: 172.5cm (67.9")

- Maximum Height: 380cm (149.7")

- Footprint Dia.meter: 128cm (50.4")

- Tube Dia.: 30mm

- Stand Top: Universal Stand Top With Both Junior & Baby Receiver and a Baby Stud

- Material: Steel

- Leveling Leg

- Suggested Caster: KC-100

- Optional Stand Pad: 483-BP

PATENTED: The Safety Pin Will Auto Insert to The Holey Tube When Wind-up.

Closed Length






Universal Stand Top With Both Junior & Baby Receiver and a Baby Stud
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The KUPO 3 Sct. Wind-Up Stand is a reliable and sturdy solution for photographers and videographers who need to support heavy lights and diffusers. With an impressive load capacity of up to 30kg, this 3-section stand features a convenient crank handle that makes it effortless to raise and lower your equipment. For added safety, the handle is equipped with a self-locking mechanism that prevents accidental drops. You can easily adjust the stand's height with a single clockwise revolution, which raises it by 44mm, or a counter-clockwise revolution, which lowers it by the same amount. Features the triple function universal combo head withboth 1/8" (28mm) and 5/8" (16mm) receivers plus a multi-direction 5/8" (16mm) stud giving you great versatility when it comes to mounting options. The levelling leg also allows you to compensate for inclines or uneven surfaces. Additionally, it comes equipped with a skid-proof foot-step located on the main section of its base to allow the user to stand upon it to reach the top risers and head to make adjustments if necessary. Optional casters set (KC-100) is available for easily moving the stand while doing working in the studio.

- Max load: 66.1lb (30kg) max height: 12.5' (3.8m)
- Stand top mounted by steel bolt throigh the top tube
- Triple function stand top: A 1/8" (28mm) , a 5/8" (16mm) receivers and a 5/8" (16mm) stud
- Tension of the brake shoe can be adjusted with an Allen wrench
- Bright color warning sticker for safety operation the leveling leg
- Twin leg braces for extra strength and stability
- Crank handle foldsand has precise height adjustmentsof 1.73" (4.4.cm)

Wind up Stands Features
483-BP Base Plate
Optional accessory to be used where the stand has to be secured to the floor for safety reason.
Compatible with stand models: 481, 482, 483T and 470. (set of three)

Kupo wind-up stands are constructed by chrome plated steel with geared column that enable a single operator to raise and lower heavy loads safely with just turn of a handle. Both risers extend simulataneously at one elevation of 4.4cm by per handle turn. The unique automatic self-locking mechanism is equipped to prevent the light stand from dropping unexpectedly making the operation safer.
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