32A Cee Plug

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The CEE form series, which is derived from the Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment (CEE). These connectors, also known as CEEFORM, adhere to the rigorous CEE17 standards for industrial plugs and sockets. Our CEE form sockets and plugs are designed to deliver unparalleled performance in a wide range of environmental conditions and applications. Specifically tailored for the entertainment industry, our B&B series (Blue lid and Black body) boasts a distinctive 250 voltage rating identification and a sophisticated matt black finish to minimize reflections during productions. This unique design ensures that the connectors seamlessly blend with the background, enhancing the overall presentation quality. In compliance with IEC 60309, our connectors cover a versatile range from 16 to 125 Amp, supporting voltage ratings from 110 to 400 volts. Moreover, they carry CE approval and boast IP44/IP67 ratings, meeting the highest safety standards.

Item Amper Poles Key Voltage (V) Dimensions (mm) Cable Size
KHTN023 32 3 6h 230 150 80.5 22 72 2.5-6
KHTN024 32 4 4h 400 150 80.5 17 72 2.5-6
KHTN025 32 5 6h 400 155 89.5 17 79.5 2.5-6
KHTN725 32 5 6h 400 155 89.5 22 79.5 2.5-6
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