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In overhead lifting applications, it is essential to use alloy chains of Grade 80 or higher.
Additionally, for power-driven hoists, it is recommended to adhere to the EN818-7 standard guidelines, specifically Type DT and DAT.
Our hoists exclusively feature Japanese-made FEC chains that adhere strictly to the EN818-7 standard. These alloy chains not only meet the stringent compliance requirements but also harness the exceptional benefits of the original DT/DAT type. This results in premium performance characterized by optimal surface hardness and elongation properties.

1. Made from chromium-molybdenum alloy, grade 80 chain load chain is precise calibrated and heat treated to optimal surface hardness and elongation properties to have longer chain life.
2. Black phosphate finish for corrosion resisance and low-key.
3. We exclusively utilize Japanese-made FEC chains in our hoists, with the option of RUD and pewag chains available upon request.

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