PLS-CG21 / Cable Grip

Cable grip for 18C x 2.5 mmsq cable (or O.D. 21 mm cable).

PLS-CG18 / Cable Grip

Cable grip for 18C x 1.5 mmsq cable (or O.D. 18 mm cable).

Kupo cable grip is designed for PG29 thread 19-pin connectors. It is for cable enclosure to prevent pullout from tension, vibration, flexure or motion. Fabricated of stainless steel wire mesh weaves and aluminum alloy fittings provide easy installation bending control plus corrosion resistance. Grips with knurled texture on the fitting for excellent handling, and neoprene bushing offers watertight and dustproof protection. Support grip is weaved of dia. 1.2 mm stainless steel wire for load capacity 60 kgs.

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