CHC-14RLVC-US / LVC Controller: Power Console

|  Specification

- Universal 3-phase power input (220 / 380 / 400 / 415V)
- Aluminum alloy metal sheet chassis (T=2.5mm)
- NEMA compliance turn lock connector
 Inlet: NEMA L16-30 (Mains)
 Outlet: NEMA L16 - 20 (Power), NEMA L14-20 (Control)
- 30mA leakage circuit breaker & Max. 40A overload breaker.
- 7pin XRL connector for connecting remote handset and power station.
- 4CH controller for low-voltage controlled chain hoist
- Dimensions: 582(L) x 177(W) x 100(H)mm


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Rigpro LVC controller is developed to operate low-voltage controlled chain hoists for entertainment rigging applications. It is made of sturdy metal housing with compact design, making it durable with tour life and staging operation. The "Go" button and channel selection toggles are built on remote handset which reduces the layout space of power station control panel and makes the profile slim and compact. Two M10 threaded holes on the back of chassis for easy attachment with clamps to rig on the truss.

1. Four channels of 3-phase hoist power distro and low-voltage control.
2. Standard NEMA compliance power and control connectors.
3. Heavy-duty yet compact metal chassis for rigorous touring and staging.
4. Phase reversal switch helps to correct the phase sequence instantly and effortlessly.
5. Control and working status clearly indicated by bright LEDs on power console.
6. "Contactor Enable" for the convenient operation to run the hoist with pocket pickle.

E-stop circuit features automatic self-detecting function. In case of the conditions including phase missing, incorrect phase sequence, disconnection between power console and remote handset, or adding on connection between remote handset and new power console, the E-stop will be triggered and the operation will be suspended. To restore the full operation, press "reset" button on the remote handset.

LVC Controller


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