KCP-404 / Twist-Lock Mounting Plate For Quad T12 Lamps

- Material: Aluminum Plate +Spring Steel With Rubberized Finish
- Weight: 940g (2lbs)
- Size : 33cmX20cm
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Lightweight & black anodized aluminum made, the twist-lock mounting plate is equipped withfour pairs of rubberized spring clips allowing it to mount 4 kino flo lamps or t12 lamps. The plate comes with12 dia. 3/8in hole for connecting to the Kupo off-set mounting plate withbaby receiver (KCP-415), a cheese plate, or mounting v lock set for battery.

- Allows for Mounting 4 Kino Flo Lamps or T12 Lamps
- Twist- Lock Mounting Plate is Equipped with rubberized Spring Clips
- 3/8in Holes Spaced 1in for Combing with a Standard Cheese Plate
- Constructed from Lightweight Aluminum


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