KCP-835 / Truss Coupler

- Weight: 3.3 kg
- Load: 200kg
- Iron plate specification: 455 mm long and 3.5 mm thick
- 6061-T6 High Strength Aluminum Alloy 2" Coupler
- Adjustable Truss spacing from 205mm to 405mm
- With 28mm diameter male head
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The Kupo Truss Coupler (KCP-835) is a sturdy and durable coupler made of high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. It features a 2" coupler on a 455mm long, 3.5mm thick U-shaped iron plate with a 28mm male pin. It has a maximum safety load weight of 200kg and can adjust the distance between two truss tubes from 205mm to 405mm. The tilt swivel stand pin helps to solve the problem of torsion and mounting when lifting a truss with two stands simultaneously.

- 6061 T6 high strength aluminum alloy material.
- Suitable for 48~51mm pipe diameter.
- Load capacity up to 200 kg.
- Adjustable hook distance from 205mm to 405mm.
- Comes with 28mm spigot

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