KCP-835F / Truss Adapter for Speaker Stand

- Material: Aluminum
- Fits tube Ø 48-51mm
-Centers: 205-405mm
- With Dia. 35mm socket female
- Weight: 3.9kg (8.56 lb)
- Loading : 200kg (44o lb)
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Effortlessly convert your basic speaker stand into a truss lifter with our adapter. Featuring a 35mm receiver, this adapter is compatible with the majority of speaker stands available and accommodates truss tubes ranging from 205mm to 405mm in span. The center piece is chrome-plated and comes with a hand-tightening knob for added convenience.

- Effortlessly transform a regular speaker stand into a truss lifter.
- Adapter includes a 35mm receiver, fitting most speaker stands on the market.
- Designed to accommodate truss tubes spanning 205mm to 405mm.
- Chrome-plated center piece with a convenient hand-tightening knob for secure attachment.

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