KD-731B / Additional Socket With Spring Safety Pin

- Color: Black
- Material: Aluminum
- Offer An Additional 5/8" (16mm) Socket to Super Convi Clamp
- Equipped with A Spring Safety Pin
- Extra Hole for Safety Wire
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The adapter is a versatile accessory designed to complement the Super Convi Clamp. Made from high-quality die-cast aluminum, it offers a sturdy and durable construction. This optional socket provides an additional 5/8" (16mm) socket on the Super Convi Clamp, allowing you to use more accessories with ease. It also features a spring safety pin and a hole for a safety wire to ensure that your equipment stays secure during use.

-Versatile adapter designed for use with the Super Convi Clamp
-Constructed from high-quality die-cast aluminum for durability
-Adds an additional 5/8" (16mm) socket to the Super Convi Clamp
-Facilitates the use of additional accessories
-Equipped with a spring safety pin and a hole for a safety wire
-Ensures secure attachment and safety for your equipment during use.

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