KWP-C / Luminaire Rain Cover

|  Specification

1. Upper layer material: black nylon fabric with PVC coated.
2. Lower layer material : transparent PVC.
3. Working Environment: max. 60 Celsius degree.


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These covers are designed to provide rain protection to the luminaire at downward projection position. Open-at-bottom design is excellent for heat ventilation. Upper layer is made of black nylon fabric with inner side PVC coated for water resistance. Lower layer is made of transparent PVC fabric for rain repellence and great see-thru visibility. Five selections available for diverse lighting fixtures.

1. Double stitches for better strength.
2. Steel wire inside the rim of top and/or bottom is working as a ballast, keeping the cover barrel in shape.
3. Hook and loop fastener for easy adjustment.
4. Tether rope (subject to model D & F) gives the flexibility to add on or remove the transparent barrel.
5. Cable side entry with lid cover formed slightly downward to prevent water ingress.

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