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Megalite is known for its outstanding characters and excellent craftsmanship. It is made in black with non-reflective matt painting for less visibility where any glittering is strictly controlled. Ideal for not only the theatre but also for the venues where precise light control is required.

1. Die-cast aluminum alloy housing, featuring sturdy and robust and handling great ventilation for such compact fixture with high light output, leaves it the best choice for installation and rigorous touring environment.
2. Plastic parts on the fixtures are made of heat-resistant thermoplastic for best insulation, providing the durability and safe operation.
3. Sophisticated dichroic-coated glass reflector transmits the IR heat to the back side, and produces cooler visible light forward.
4. Front aspherical lens efficiently eliminates the distortion on the rim of output image and ensures fidelity.
5. Resilient stainless-steel shutter operates handy beam-shaping and free from deformation with working heat.
6. Tool-free lamp housing attachment facilitates the quick lamp changing .
7. The series is available in 19, 26, 36 and 50 degree with interchangeable lens tube design.
8. Gobos, Iris, Top hat and other light control accessories are dimensionally compatible with the major brand.
9. All fixtures are equipped with 100 cm 3C x 1.5 mmsq silicon rubber cable.

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