- Material: Nylon
- Size : 20 (W1) x 13 (W2) x 200 mm (L)
- Package : Set of 50
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The simple cable ties are lighter and thinner than the deluxe cable ties but are still incredibly strong. They feature an opening in the "head" of the tie that the tip of the "tail" goes through to pull it snug. They also come in five different color options to easily categorize your cables.

- Help to organize cable set neatly with diverse colors.
- Write-on identification label for great cable organization.
- Sturdy Nylon buckle offers greater holding power against movement, and makes extension easily for longer use.
- Perfect for use as tie down for attaching equipment on the desk or table.
- Convenient with wrapping up lighting stand legs to keep them well fastened for transportation.
- Ideal for use as temporary hanger during installation.


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