- A junior spigot is supplied for fitting to a clamp or 28mm receiver.

- Pan and tilt adjustment is carried out by worm gear mechanical design.

- Pole-operated yoke is a customized part as the light's dimension varies from each brands.


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The pole-operated yoke is a custom part to replace the light's existing yoke and have the light controlled from below. Fitted with two cups that control tilting and panning, the yoke enables user to make the adjustment on the ground with a telescopic operating pole. The pole-operated yoke is equipped with a 28mm junior spigot for mounting to a clamp.

KUPO Pole-operated yoke
Adjustment via a telescopic operating pole from the ground staff.
KUPO Pole-operated yoke
Blue cup adjusts the pan (left or right.) White cup adjusts the tilt
(up or down).
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