TSP-20LFTR / KUPO Stage Pin Lamp Tester

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Kupo Stage Pin lamp tester helps to diagnose the bulb continuity before you rig the fixture. While LED indicator fails to response, please check the lamp (bulb) to make sure it is not burned out. If the bulb is good, then there is something wrong with wiring. It has a built-in battery so external power is not required. Plus, it comes with a buzzer and you will not only see but hear authentically the test result.



- Quickly test for lamp (bulb) continuity or short by plugging into tester.

- Easily to indicate a good lamp while tester is buzzing and green LED lights up.

- Come with a key ring for clipping the tester to tool belt.

- Built-in CR2032 Lithium DC3V battery.


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