XS-4000W/ Followspot

|  Specification

- 4KW followspot
- weight: 85Kg
- color changer: 5kg
- stand: 35kg
- ballast: 30.5kg
- lamp: Xenon 4000W


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Ideal for many stages amd venues, Xenon Followspot features quick trigger and play. The cold mirror reflector makes heat pass behind and gives high visible light forward. Three cooling fans help provide better ventilation. Four rear knobs are designed for easier adjustment of lamp position. The entire set of Kupo followspot includes a ballast, stand, lamp and fixture itself. Full range of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000W Xenon Followspots. High quality engineering, blending ruggedness with a compact lightweight design, gives precise fingertip control of one of the world's most manoeuvrable and powerful Xenon Followspots.

1. The edge of the Iris of Kupo Xenon Followspot is smooth.
2. The operation is easy and with good safety.
3. A micro-switch (safety ring) of the lamp housing for safety. If the lamp housing is opened the power would be automatically shut off.
4. Cold mirror coating for heat transmission to support high infrared transmission and high visible light reflection.
5. Xenon Lamp is stable at color temperature 6,000K (5,600K), high range of projection (for application in stadium, event and concert) and long life (1,000hrs), especially no need stand-by (warm up) time.
6.The ignitor is small which brings the output more focus and long distance.
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